3 Green Decorating Tips for the Holidays
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3 Green Decorating Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are tough on Mother Nature. Scads and scads of wrapping paper thrown out by the boatload, frenzied consumer spending, homes heated to the hilt for that cozy holiday feel and children opening packages for all their toy. People are in the mood for excess. Over time, it takes it's toll on the environment. But, it doesn't have to be this way. One of the best places to cut corners without losing effect during the Christmas season is on decorations. When I was a child growing up, my house was decorated from head to toe during the Christmas season. Our garage had no room for a car because it was filled with boxes of decorations that we had accumulated over the years. While I must admit I enjoyed the festivities growing up, I was not prepared to make the same commitment once I set up my own residence. So, I got creative and found a few tricks for making a little seem like a lot.

  1. Less IS More! This is truly the golden rule. By choosing a few quality decorations, instead of a mountain of cheap, bright, flashing pieces, you will allow these few things to shine through full force. The simple, minimalist approach comes off very classy with clever placement. Spend a little more than usual on these items, as they will be the main event, and you want timeless items that will be beautiful year after year. I usually wait until December 26th to cash in on a big discount.
  2. Use real greenery. Some people say this is a big no-no, but I find with a minimalist approach, real evergreen boughs, a poinsettia flower or some mistletoe create a huge impact. The key is, you don't need much. The smell and color will permeate the house with a very small amount, and it's the winter equivalent to buying fresh flowers for your home.
  3. Do some baking. Or cheat. I have a collection of fabulous candles that smell like gingerbread, vanilla cake, or cinnamon. Your sense of smell is one of your most powerful. Capitalize on this, and you'll find that nothing says "The holidays are here!" like a home that smells so good you could eat it.

These are just a few ways to make a big deal, without the big ecological footprint. The importance always is to stress the point of a few classic, beautiful items, without the over-indulgence that the holiday time produces. I am sure that you'll find a lot of things unique to your taste that you can do, once you start getting creative with your green holiday contribution. Happy Holidays!

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