7 Ways to Spice Up Hot Chocolate This Holiday Season
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7 Ways to Spice Up Hot Chocolate This Holiday Season

Hot chocolate is, without a shadow of a doubt, the classic of the winter season. But, what if, for class and flavor, you want to add a special twist on an old favorite? Here are a few ideas to spice things up.

  • Make it boozy. This one is for grown ups only, but there are a ton of flavored liqueurs that taste delicious in hot chocolate. Kahlua, Bailey's, Grand Marnier. Hey, it's alcohol, you can't go wrong!
  • Make it minty. There are several ways you can add that peppermint touch to your hot chocolate, for additional holiday flair. Pour in some peppermint schnapps, or for the kids, crumble up candy canes and sprinkle liberally on top. Include a whole candy cane as a stir stick for extra fun and holiday spirit.
  • Make it spicy. This works best if you make the hot chocolate from scratch. None of that instant powder! When you're heating the milk, throw in a red chili pepper, seeded and split. The other trick to this one is to include a cinnamon stick for stirring. The spiciness, paired with chocolate and cinnamon, all of the flavors play off of each other for a truly decadent drink. Be sure to strain out the pepper.
  • Make it with white chocolate. Once again, this works best if you make the hot chocolate from scratch. Make it the way you would usually make your hot chocolate - heating up the milk in a sauce pan, melting the chocolate, including a splash of vanilla (if you like), only this time you will be melting in white chocolate instead of milk.
  • Make it with dark chocolate. This is very satisfying to chocolate lovers in small amounts. Same method as above, substituting white for dark chocolate.
  • Make it with peanut butter. Just stir in a couple of small spoonfuls of peanut butter with your regular hot cocoa. A nice change from the everyday usual.
  • Make it fruity. This one is so easy, it's unbelievable. Just pour in a splash of syrup - cherry and blackberry are both delicious, especially in the dark variety. Experiment and see what variations you prefer.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to stray from the ordinary this holiday season, don't be scared to attempt your own crazy concoctions. Hot chocolate is an old favorite, and there are a million ways to have fun with spicing it up. Cuddle up around the fireplace, with a movie, or with a book in a cozy chair and enjoy that decadent drink.


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