8 Easy-to-Make, No-Sew Costumes for Last-Minute Parents on Halloween
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8 Easy-to-Make, No-Sew Costumes for Last-Minute Parents on Halloween

8 last-minute costumes easy for parents to make - no sew.

On October 31 of last year, you probably had a head full of great ideas to dress your child for Halloween the following year. You’ve probably thought about it off and on all year since last Halloween. But, suddenly the time is upon us and you still have absolutely no idea what your child will be for Halloween night. Coming from a mother who has typically allowed her children to be whatever costume is half off at the thrift store, here are some helpful tips and costume recommendations:

Consider the safety of your child – wear reflective tape, glow necklaces and/or carry flashlights if you are trick-or-treating or will be out after dark.

Consider face paint instead of masks that cover your child’s face and cuts down on visibility as well as breathability.

Consider your child’s comfort and bathroom needs. If you have chosen a costume that is bulky or elaborate, make it so it can easily be removed for use of the bathroom or to play games at a party.

T-shirts, pillow cases & sweatshirts/jackets are great to transform into costumes along with tights, belts, etc.

Here are some great no-sew costume ideas:


All this entails is a pair of jean overalls, some raffia stuffed inside sleeves and pants, a hat and a flannel shirt. If you want to be really creative, stitch some square fabric patches onto the overalls.

Sleep Walker or Pajama Party Costume

Wear P.J's , robe, and slippers. Add a teddy bear or even curlers or a green mud face. Be creative!

Tic Tac Toe Costume

Wear black sweats and a shirt. With white tape (duct tape comes in many different colors nowadays, or use bandage tape) create a tic-tac-toe board on your shirt. Then use the same tape or two different colors to make X's and O's. Or, be creative and use craft foam for X’s & O’s & glue them with fabric glue to clothing or glue pieces of Velcro on each side & attach them for realistic game play throughout the night.

Dog Costume

Either brown, white or black sweat suit – cut out felt pieces in alternating color and glue on for dog’s spots. If you want to get more creative, use your own dog’s collar and leash. For easy ears, pin a pair of tan, white or black socks on either side of hood top for floppy ears; cover hands and feet with socks for paws, Use a black eyeliner pencil to fashion a nose and whiskers on your face. For fun, carry a doggie chew toy, bone or biscuit.

Basket of Laundry

Cut the base out of a laundry basket. Step into the basket.

Either hold the basket, or make "suspenders" to hold it in place.

Drape several articles of clothing on your arms, tummy, neck etc.


Use a pink, white or brown sweatsuit and add a large pompom to the back and a set of ears made from pink or white socks attached to hood of a sweatsuit or to a plastic headband. You could also use construction paper and a headband to make the ears. Make whiskers on cheeks with black eyeliner and add a black or pink nose with eyeliner or blush.

Cat or Kitten

Use a tan, black or yellow sweatsuit or leotards. Make ears from construction paper or craft foam & attach to a plastic headband or to a hair clip--or bobby-pin to hair. Use a nylon stocking stuffed with the rest of the stocking, cut off, and a sock (same color) and attach (simple sew job) to back of leotard or sweatsuit as a tail.


Get a white or tan or black sweatsuit & glue felt spots of white or brown to the suit.


Use any color leotard (pastel or bright pretty colors work best) – add wings from your dressup chest or make them by twisting wire or wire clothes hangar into figure “8” shape & stretching same color nylon overtop, tying at ends & attach with pins or straps.

There are tons more ideas. Be creative & use what you have on hand.

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