How to Celebrate National Bologna Day on October 24th
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How to Celebrate National Bologna Day on October 24th

How to celebrate National Bologna Day on October 24th

October 24th is National Bologna Day. Bologna is a popular type of lunch meat around the globe that is often made from a combination of pork and chicken, or chicken and beef. It's most commonly made into sandwiches and has a long history of being a staple food because of it's affordability and versatility. I'm here to help you find strange ways to celebrate this weird holiday. This lunch meat's holiday not officially a "national", but it is officially celebrated around our country, especially by those who love them some bologna! And who doesn't love bologna?

Being that this is National Bologna Day, there is really only one thing that you would need to make a requirement of your day, and that's to make sure your day is filled with Bologna! Here are some ways that you can do that.

  1. Try a new type of bologna for each meal of the day. (what, you didn't know there was more than one type of bologna? That's one of the benefits of being this lunch meat, and there are several types including but not limited to: Beef Bologna, Chicken Bologna, German Bologna, New Zealand Bologna, Lebanon Bologna and Kosher Bologna.)
  2. Try a new recipe that includes Bologna. Such as: soup, stew, calzones, pizza or quesh. This meat isn't just for sandwiches ya know!
  3. Make a cafepress shirt with a picture of bologna on it and tell everyone "Happy Bologna Day" when you see them.
  4. Make a bunch of Bologna sandwiches and take them to your local soup kitchen, halfway house or food bank. Because everyone needs to eat, and who doesn't like a good bologna sandwich?
  5. Invite your kids (if you have any) to fill up a small inflatable pool with cheap bologna and have fun in anyway you can imagine!

No matter how you decide to celebrate, just make sure that you do. Bologna might not be the greatest thing in the world, but it's been a main staple of modern society since the times of the ancient romans, and that's a little bit special, isn't it?

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