How To Handle Holiday Problems
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How To Handle Holiday Problems

Holiday gift giving at times demand problem solving needing the courtesy and behavior so people don't get upset. Remedies at the event, when the present is given are easily learned ahead of time with this how to.

Holidays and other celebrations can sometimes create problems that need to be handled expertly. Your entertaining event might be solved with help from this "How To" article.

Invitation problem solving

When a person has not been invited to an event around the holidays and hosts or hostesses later discover that fact; there are remedies. Acknowledge you realized the couple or individual were not present at the event. Inform the person you would very much like that individual for a private gathering at your home ASAP. Invite through a personal invitation making sure they know how important it is that they attend. Follow up with a phone call to confirm a day or two before. When the person or persons attend your entertainment event, explain your reason for the lack of them being on the prior list. It might be more comfortable for everyone if you choose not to mention the reason their name was not included.  Choose the remedy to the holiday problem. Honesty is the best policy. Your present time with them is proof you still wish a meaningful friendship with them for the future and wish to make amends. Make sure the next celebration event they are first on your guest list.

Holiday gift problem solving

Individual behavior when receiving a gift creates happiness or discontent for the giver. Never leave a gift unopened even if the contents is known. The present should be acknowledged with as much thankfulness for the thought as for the item. The present that is not a welcomed one, can be dealt with in several ways. If the color is not suitable, exchange it for the hue you like while exclaiming the item is one that is wanted making sure the giver hears the reason why it will be exchanged. Most gift givers don't mind the color as the reason for exchanging it. Improper sizing will be obvious when tried on in front of the gift giver. If in fact the style or other characteristics about the gift are not suitable, leave those details unsaid.

In the holiday times when a gift is so far from a wanted item that present can be re-gifted to another person making sure the gift is never seen by the gift giver. This is a remedy only when people live a distance apart from each other so the gift giver does not ever wonder why that present is not seen.

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Comments (15)

Excellent information on a important subject for this time of year. Voted up!

Well done Ms. Baxter! Whether we like it, or whether we do not, issues do arise and it's good to have a game plan in mind!

Very prolific and timely as well, great composition Roberta.

good tips I did a series on this on another site last week

Thanks for the tips...

nice tips my friend..very helpful indeed, thanks and happy holidays

Holidays can be stressful times, we need to be socially aware and flexible and try not to let ourselves hurt others feelings, while remembering to not let our own feelings be hurt either because everyone is under stress.

Good tipsw Roberta.

Excellent thoughts. My friend re-gifted my gift to me the next year. She forgot I gave it to her. I never told her, though.

Great article Roberta, I like most "The present should be acknowledged with as much thankfulness for the thought as for the item." and this is so right! Voted up!

Manners are such a tiny commodity these days, I loved this article! Everyone should know this etiquette. An excellent article, Roberta :D

Thank you dear sister Roberta. Nice article. Voted. Thanks for friendship and support. I am really proud of it.

good tip

Great tips, thanks!

Useful tips, Roberta!