Make Your Own Holiday Hair Accessories
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Make Your Own Holiday Hair Accessories

So, the economy isn't so hot right now, but that doesn't mean you have to cut out everything. You can make cute, fun hair accessories in a holiday theme for bargain prices. This is a great activity to do if you have young girls, or if you just want to add that extra holiday spirit into your wardrobe without spending a fortune. Hey, it beats sporting that reindeer sweater your kooky Aunt Mildred gave you last year, if you could even get the mothballs out of it.

  • Buy a pack of plastic or cloth wrapped head bands. You can get packs of three or five of these, usually, at the dollar store, or any big department store. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. Last year I raided a little box full of buttons that I never use. I chose a few small red and green buttons, in uniform sizes. Using a hot glue gun, I glued them onto the headband, alternating green and red. A little cheesy, yes, but totally fun for the right occasion. You don't have to stick to buttons; any small adornment in festive colors will do.
  • You can amp things up for a formal holiday party without being tacky. If silver or white suits your dress, you can attach delicate silver snowflakes to bobby pins, and use them to secure an up-do or keep your hair back. Another festive touch is to wrap your hair in a thick, velvety gift-wrapping ribbon that goes with the color of your dress. I find gold and red go great together, and what is more stunning than a red dress when you want to make a statement?
  • If you have a flat barrette, you can buy those little bows that go on presents, and stick them onto it. Seriously, what better gift could anyone want? This is especially adorable on little girls, but with the right attitude and occasion, grown women can pull it off as well.
  • When braiding your hair, twine some colorful ribbon through to create a visual effect. You can do this subtly, or pull out all the stops with lots of ribbon, and even make it twirl at the end of your braids by scraping it with a pair of scissors. It all depends how crazy you want to get.

The holidays are a good time to get caught up in the spirit of things, and get adventurous with your style. You can go nuts and be the cheesiest member of the family, hamming it up and cracking people up with your over-exuberant touches. Or, you can add flair with subtlety and style, choosing a minimalist approach to accentuate your outfit in a unique way.

Whatever the case, have fun this holiday season!

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