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Last answer by Tere Scott 99 months ago +0 votes:
We stayed home and made a big breakfast, had caramel apples & steak & hotdogs & hamburgers - a good feast. more
Asked by Tere Scott in Holidays1 answers
Last answer by Ram Swaroop Bhavanasi 100 months ago +0 votes: more
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Last answer by ECY 100 months ago +0 votes:
Awwww Clairsie, I LOVE Leavenworth! I visited there last year and although it was freezing (lots of snow piled up after a big storm), it was the most magical town. Had a great time wandering the shops (especially the wine shops) and loved the great food. When I was there it was mid Feb and they were already sold out for Oktoberfest that year! I had talked to a couple of the hotels and shops and th... more
Asked by ECY in Holidays3 answers
I'm looking forward to Labor Day weekend and actually being back in the US for part of the holiday weekend! For me, Labor Day was always about bbq, cookouts, and enjoying the last bit of pool/beach time. In Sacramento, we had several bbq festivals that had quite a following, with people even traveling cross-country to attend! Do you have any upcoming local Labor Day or bbq festivals in your city? more
Asked by ECY in Holidays0 answers