The Christmas Season: A Delightful Sensory Overload Experience
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The Christmas Season: A Delightful Sensory Overload Experience

Christmas is that special time of the year when joy and ethereal magic fills the season. It emanates in the delightful ornaments, awesome gatherings with family and friends and the sheer sense of joy one experiences both from giving and receiving presents.

Christmas is that special time of the year when joy and ethereal magic fills the season. It emanates in the delightful ornaments, awesome gatherings with family and friends and the sheer sense of joy one experiences both from giving and receiving presents.

While is apparent that the commercialized nature of Christmas nowadays is often rebuked, we still cannot deny that shopping is a significant and fundamental activity that adds to the magic of Christmas, especially for the fashionistas and the shopaholics. At the malls or shopping centers that several of the favorite sights, sounds, and scents of Christmas can be sensed.

The decor at the malls and specialty stores are generally very fancy and eye-catching, most especially to children, with the numerous colorful and blinking lights. Adults and children alike are attracted to the various tinsels, trinkets and figurines that embellish the main Christmas tree in the center of many shopping malls and department stores. These trees would be extremely well ornamented with decorations that are set up professionally that most shoppers couldn't imitate in their own homes. This makes it more delightful for them to gaze at such trees in admiration and amazement.

Along with the wide assortment of decorations in business establishments, one cannot miss the sound of music playing or bells ringing, the laughter and well-wishes of "Merry Christmas" from shoppers that add to the special atmosphere of the magic of Christmas. Even the sounds of cash registers in the background lend something to the peculiar feeling shoppers get during Christmas season.

And naturally there's always a man garbed in Santa Claus costume that children can meet to recite the gifts that they wish for Christmas, and also to have their picture taken to live out the Christmas fairy tale memory of Santa. Occasionally the man in Santa Claus costume may be seen distributing Christmas gifts to youngsters, as an extra early Christmas present.

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Present also are the sounds of choral music from different choirs or organization who regularly performance Christmas carols and songs in plazas and malls. Many shoppers and other people who are out strolling pause to listen, appreciate or even to sing along with the choirs. In churches, it has been a tradition to perform and host Christmas cantatas, either with classical or popular music in worship of the celebrator of Christmas to whom the season is named after. 

Some memorable times during Christmas season are enjoyed when spent with family, friends and co-workers. Many festive events and parties usually take place before Christmas Day. Friends gather to spend an evening out to share the spirit of Christmas. The presence of special Christmas music and folks dressed in holiday clothes provide an atmosphere that contributes to the magical spirit of the season.

Another thing that is uniquely Christmas is the fragrance from a fresh Christmas tree, of gingerbread and other cake and pastries baking and other food items that are especially served at Christmas time. Most people who choose a real Christmas tree rather than an artificial one for their homes do so because of the fantastic scent it offers. For a lot of people, that scent from a fresh Christmas tree is what completes the Christmas ambiance.

Another popular scent during Christmas is expressed by the popular Christmas song 'Chestnuts Roasting Over an Open Fire.' The actual chestnut roasting experience by families during the Christmas season may be a rare happening nowadays but it is still traditionally done in some downtown areas, in bakeries and specialty stores that make fresh products daily.

All these events, including the sights, sounds and scents of Christmas and the holidays bring about special and unforgettable memories. No one can ever deny that a wonderful memory is nothing short of magical.


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