The Connection Between Chocolate And The Holidays
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The Connection Between Chocolate And The Holidays

Chocolate is often associated with the holidays. The word "holidays" is defined differently in various regions around the world. For the purposes of this article, "holidays" are special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas that occur throughout the year. Chocolates are often presented as gifts, associated with happy holiday moments, and part of celebrations at parties.

Chocolate is often associated with the holidays. The word "holidays" is defined differently in various regions around the world. For the purposes of this article, "holidays" are special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas that occur throughout the year.


Holidays are often gift-giving occasions. Along with cards, boxes of assorted chocolates often follow as presents.

Chocolate appeals to a wide variety of people, who bear different backgrounds, locations of residence, and personal preferences. Not sure what to give that person you barely know from the office who invited you to their annual Christmas party? Chocolates, especially an assorted box of creams and caramels, will likely fit the bill here. At least one party goer will likely enjoy the treat. Chances are there will be more than one.


With the holidays often come changes to mood. A time of celebration, holidays may be joyous events as family unite and reminisce of past adventures and accomplishments. The mood here is happy and a box of chocolates may be opened to help mark the occasion. The box handed around the room is picked at by family and friends who form a bond by each choosing a chocolate.

Sadness and grief can also mark holidays, such as Christmas. Memories of loved ones who have passed may be brought to mind as they are missed from the group moments. Some people may take their minds off of the sad thoughts by consuming food such as chocolate. Eating may provide a way to disengage the mind from negative experiences and instead focus on the present moment eating delicious candy.


For many holidays, companies bring out special packaging specifically to mark the occasion. For instance, Lindt releases chocolate shaped as bunnies at Easter and chocolate in the form of Santa Clause for the Christmas season.

Entire aisles of supermarkets and drugstores are devoted to season products. The seasonal, specialty-shaped chocolates are a key feature to the seasonal displays. The special packages make for great gifts, as outlined above.


Parties are a key part of several holidays throughout the year. The celebrations often feature chocolates at the buffet tables. Whether in the packaged forms found in the local store’s seasonal aisle or the home-baked variety, chocolate is sure to be somewhere on the dessert table at the parties.

Imagine talking within a group while standing close to the dessert table. The laughs are big and smiles are wide. The chocolate truffles are within arm’s reach. You may grab one to pair with the happy moment or just to keep your hands occupied rather than fidgeting with your special holiday outfit.

Bite-sized chocolates are also perfect for holiday parties as the goodies can be easily put out and arranged on tables. No slicing is required and the chocolate likely won’t melt or spoil if kept out on the table for a few hours. The small pieces of chocolate can also be easily shared between groups.

Watch as the next holiday approaches. Gaze at the chocolates that appear at the parties or buy a box just for you. Chocolate fits well with the holidays as a delicious treat.

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I always have fun with chocolates, (at my age) very well-written.

I love chocolate. Thanks for the share.

Really interesting and enjoyable read. thanks

Now I want chocolate!!! Excellent article, voted!!!

Chocolate is always a favourite especially at Easter time.

I cannot eat Chocolate it makes me dizzy

Nice write up...such a fun topic. This is so interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing

I love chocolate. Very interesting article, thanks.