The Top Five Holidays Nationally Held in the USA
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The Top Five Holidays Nationally Held in the USA

This article is written in response to a question asking what five are the top national holidays in the United States. The United States does not officially have national holidays as its federal government only recognizes holidays that it grants to its own employees. Holidays are officially granted at the discretion of each states jurisdiction and as such are federal holidays even if in effect they are held nationally.

There are eleven federal holidays in the calendar of the United States; ten of these are annual events with the final holiday being held only every four years. Each of these holidays is subject to local customs and their date of observance can be altered or adjusted at a local level. Holidays are added onto a weekend and taken on a Monday in many cases except the occasions of New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Independence Day and Veterans Day.

The first holiday of the year in the calendar occurs on the opening day of January 1st or New Year’s Day. It is traditionally considered to be the completion of the week long Christmas holiday season and the New Year festivities for many revellers will begin the preceding day of December 31st and New Year’s Eve. Though the final day of the year is not officially a holiday most stores and businesses are closed early in preparation for the parties and the counting down of the final few seconds of the clock to midnight and the displays of fireworks that then mark the occasion across many cities of the world as the hour of midnight is reached. New Year’s Day is often a day with less partying and more one of recovery for many that have over celebrated the previous evening.

The second holiday in this list occurs around the middle of the year on the fourth of July and the occasion of the country’s Independence Day. The day signifies the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in the 18th century and is also known simply as the Fourth of July. Parades and firework displays are held all across the United States on this day of national celebration for Americans.

Veterans Day is held annually on the 11th of November to honour all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. It is an occasion that across the world observes the ending of the First World War with the official signing to end hostilities occurring at the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month. The day is a mark of respect for all those that have fallen whilst serving their country in all hostilities since that day in 1918.

The fourth Thursday in November is the occasion of Thanksgiving, this day is one which many Americans will travel vast distances to return to their families for the tradition of sharing a family dinner usually including turkey and pumpkin pie. It is held as a day of thanks for the successful autumn harvest being collected and is seen by many as the beginning of or the build up to the Christmas holiday season with the following day being the busiest shopping day of the year.

The fifth and final holiday on this list of five is the final one of the year and the biggest or most widely celebrated throughout the Christian calendar. For many December the 25th or Christmas Day is one of little more than festivity and merriment and the religious aspect of the day is not observed. Some of the traditions of this day have survived for centuries, with mistletoe and the hope for peace and some good fortune to come originated with the Druids. The Christmas tree is a more recent introduction, originating in northern Europe in the 17th century.

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Comments (3)

A fair justice has been rendered to the question and as a topic of the article as well.Therefore according to the article the Top5 National Holidays are:

The New Year Day The Fourth July, the American Indpendence day The Veterans Day, on 11 th of November Thanks Giving Day,( the most fascinating day for me) Christmas Day

Thanks my friend.

Nice article!  Thanksgiving is my favorite of the five.

A great selection of the top five national holidays. I love any paid holiday when I have off work! ; )